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Help Your Clients Transform
With the Magic of Juicing!


  • Want to use juicing to become the go-to expert, stand out in the field and attract more clients?
  • Looking for the secret to make juices taste ah-mazing?
  • The best juicer to recommend?
  • ​Easy recipes to share with clients?
This awesome juicing guide covers it all and will help you coach your clients to health with the most powerful health modality in your toolbox, raw natural juice!
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Based on The Juice Guru Method®, this simple guide will help you share with clients:

  • Juice recipes to target weight loss, energy gain and disease prevention
  • How to choose the best juicer for any budget
  • ​The best vegetables and fruits to use in their juices
  • ​​Simple short-term juice cleanse protocols
  • ​​The difference between juicing and smoothies
“Enrolling in Juice Guru Institute was the best decision I ever made for my business. Thanks to the Steve and Juice Guru Institute, I’ve also become a TV and internet celebrity, having more impact and reaching so many more people!”

— Chef Babette Davis, CJT, Vegan Influencer

Hi, We're

We're reunited high school sweethearts who have been teaching about juicing for over 26 years. As bestselling authors, we have worked with thousands of incredible friends all over the world to get healthier by developing the juicing habit. We want to do the same for you so that you can help others with the power of juicing.

This juicing chart will help you empower your clients to start and stay juicing. Standing out as a juicing expert could be a challenge, which is why this juicing chart was created. You'll have everything you need at your fingertips to inspire your clients to get on the juicing wagon.

Enjoy it as you empower others and let's create magic together!

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