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The Proven Juice Guru Method®

Your journey to becoming an accredited Certified Juice Therapist provides you with the tools to launch a meaningful and successful wellness business.
5 Weeks To Become A Juice Guru
We’ve thoughtfully designed our curriculum for busy people like you. Get certified and start monetizing at your own pace, and in as few as 5 weeks.

You’ll learn the latest science on juicing and habit formation, how to use it most effectively to help your clients and customers get lean and healthy.
Extras To Supplement Your Journey
We prepare you to dive right in to launch your own health juice therapy practice through real-world business training.

We include the “Business in a Box” marketing suite so you can hit the ground running. As well as Steve Prussack’s bestselling books, Jay Kordich’s School of Juicing, and more.
Learn From The Masters & Leaders
We’ve brought together the leaders in the health and wellness field to share their knowledge with you in this one-of-a-kind certification program.

You’ll learn directly from bestselling authors, doctors, leaders, and other experts who integrate juicing into their medical programs or wellness practices.
The Juice Guru Certification Program is the #1 online accredited training that gives you the knowledge and skills to become a Certified Juice Therapist with “Business in a Box” and “Done for You” shortcuts to launch your business fast!

The Core Program

The Juice Guru Method®

Gain the knowledge, skills, and certification you need to create a lucrative wellness business.
Become An Expert In Juicing
  • The scientific background and relevance of juicing, juice cleansing and fasting so you can lead programs with confidence and authority.
  • ​How to use juice therapy protocols to address your client’s goals so you’ll have clients that stick with you for life.
  • ​How to lead small group and large group community and online cleanse/ fast programs so you can generate income to sustain your business.
Master How Juices Heal The Human Body
  • How to help your clients heal from a variety of acute and chronic diseases using juice blends, herbs and superfoods.
  • ​How to develop cleansing programs based on the science doctors have used in practice for decades.
  • ​How the human body works with juice from an anatomical and physiological perspective.
Tap New Ideas To Earn Money
  • Integrate various teachings from medical doctors who have been leading successful juice fast programs for decades so you can rise above the controversy and misinformation (and set the record straight).
  • ​Empower yourself with strategies to start growing your business right away so you can generate income before you even get certified.
  • ​Discover the many ways to charge your clients for various services so you can start growing your business.
Stand Out With The Power Of Daily Juicing
  • Learn how to use habit-formation strategies to “train” your clients to develop the daily juicing habit.
  • ​Discover the latest science on what daily juicing could do to improve you and your clients productivity, focus, brain power, energy level and maintenance of ideal body weight.
  • Find out how to work with your clients on the daily juicing regimen to keep them on track throughout the years.
Lead The Juice Movement
  • How to get yourself out there, eliminate fear, get yourself in front of an audience of any size, from one to thousands of people.
  • ​Essential strategies on how to brand yourself and build a worldwide community
  • Deep dive training on how to present on radio and TV and stand out above the crowd.

The opportunities are abundant.

And they are worldwide.

Opportunities For A Certified Juice Therapist

Our graduates are juicing up their income opportunities. Here are some of the ways they’re doing it.
Private Client Practice
Lead Your Own Retreats
Passive Income From Information Products
Group Coaching
Speaking Engagements
Wellness Consulting
Open Your Own Juice Bar
Grassroots Community Juicing Business
Partnerships with Juice Bars, Yoga Studios, and Fitness Clubs

Our Rockstar Graduates

How Getting Certified in Juice Therapy Changes Lives!

"This program helped me explode my business with new customer and revenue streams. I've also become a TV and internet celebrity, having more impact and reaching so many people now."

 - Chef Babette Davis

Certified Juice Therapist, Wellness Influencer & Co-Owner of Stuff I Eat Restaurant

Build a Successful Business Serving Others, and

Create an Unforgettable Legacy!

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